Wolf Moon essence co-created on 10/01/2020. An amazing essence, working deeply with the shadow aspect of our being. 

Whether you are questioning your role within the pack or as a lone wolf - this essence helps to illuminate shadows from a place of powerful pack protection so you can lovingly meet those parts of yourself that have been hiding in the dark. Imagine a wolf howling to the brightest fullest moon as you take this essence. Wolves howl to communicate long distance, this essence is a call to the depths of your soul to shine the light of awareness on your shadows. Remember the shadow is just the part of yourself you don't know yet. Wolf Moon Essence offers protection and illumination in our self discoveries.

Wolf Moon

  • Ingredients: 14% Brandy ABV, Chalice Well & White Spring water, energetic signature of the Wolf Full Moon from 10th Jan 2020.

    Suggested Use - take 4-5 drops on the tongue, or added to water, once or twice per day for as long as required.

    Store in a cool place.


  • Postage and package for 1 - 2 bottles £4.45; more than 3 bottles £6 p&p.

    If buying 10 bottles or more, P&P free.

    Shipping to UK only; within 2-3 business days.