This is a 1-2-1 shamanic healing session - involving the energies of Reiki, Seichem and energy medicine techniques from the North & South Americas.  I may be called to work with Plant Spirit Medicine, Bird Spirit Medicine, Feather Medicine, Chumpi Stones, Drum, Rattle, etc., all to help free you of any blocks and allow you yourself to be responsible for your own healing.


Sessions are conducted at my home.  Please allow 2 hours for the session.  Includes a combination essence made for you to take after the session.


NOTE - If you have serious mental health issues, or medical problems please discuss your case with your doctor first before coming to me.  Also please inform me of all medical issues before treatment begins.

Shamanic Healing 1-2-1

    • Shamanic Healing/Energy Medicine work can leave you feeling out of sorts for up to 3 days after your session (not always), so take time to just 'be' and allow your body to integrate the healing fully.
    • Full medical history is taken before your session begins - please be honest and answer the questions fully.
    • If you are struggling with mental health issues then please speak to your GP before coming to see me.