Sap Moon (SuperMoon) essence co-created on 09/03/2020.


Allows you to feel gounded to receive the rising Spring energy of this Full Moon energy.  Sap Moon essence allows the rising Earth energies within us to help cleanse and remove blockages so we can feel energised, ready to move forward, bringing us back into balance.


This essence is ideal as a chakra cleansing and healing essence; the rising energy of this essence moving up through the chakras clearing and cleansing as the energy continues to move upward...moon energy increasing the vibrancy of the energetic flow from the Earth to the Universe, through us.


Balancing, cleansing and healing.

Sap Moon

  • Ingredients: 14% Brandy ABV, Chalice Well & White Spring water, energetic signature of the Sap Super Moon from 9th March 2020.

    Suggested Use - take 4-5 drops on the tongue, or added to water, once or twice per day for as long as required.

    Store in a cool place.


  • Postage and package for 1 - 2 bottles £4.45; more than 3 bottles £6 p&p.

    If buying 10 bottles or more, P&P free.

    Shipping to UK only; within 2-3 business days.