Each month we will co-work with the Plant Spirits and deepen our understanding of working with the Wisdom of the Plant Kingdom.  


Each month we will have one plant to work with; be guided to meditate and connect in with the energy of the plant and co-work with that plant throughout the month; working in sacred exchange (ayni) always.  A 15 ml essence of the plant will be sent out to you to allow you to deepen your connection with the Plant Spirit.


In the 1 hour Zoom session you will be given the background of the plant, be guided in how to work with the plant through our 6 senses, opening our perception to 'see' the plant, and be taught a guided meditation to meet with and work with the plant Spirit.


Information sheets will be e-mailed out to you after the session.


Plant Monthly Wisdom

  • This is a Zoom workshop/lecture.  Zoom link sent out after payment received.