Pink Moon (SuperMoon) essence co-created on 07/04/2020.


This Pink Moon rises in Libra, so balance really important.  An essence very much concentrated within the Heart; balance in the Heart space.  Iluminating that which no longer serves the heart - deep shadows, deep work to 'let go' of the heaviness of the shadows.  The balance of love and fear.


To help restore balance during times of stress and where we have lost control.  To bring us back into perfect balance - emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.  Sending love out to our shadow selves - learnign to love everything about ourselves.


To restore balance in the heart when all feels negative.

Pink Moon

  • Ingredients: 14% Brandy ABV, Chalice Well & White Spring water, energetic signature of the Pink Super Moon from 7th April 2020.

    Suggested Use - take 4-5 drops on the tongue, or added to water, once or twice per day for as long as required.

    Store in a cool place.


  • Postage and package for 1 - 2 bottles £4.45; more than 3 bottles £6 p&p.

    If buying 10 bottles or more, P&P free.

    Shipping to UK only; within 2-3 business days.