Mugwort and Sage smudge bundles - great for sacred space cleansing, protection and general clearing work.  These bundles contain Mugwort and Sage grown organically in my garden, harvested at the Full Moon and prepared in sacred space.  Gratitude and honour throughout the whole process.


The medium bundles are 10-12" in length.  


Mugwort and Sage Smudge Bundles

  • Happy to post these bundles out to people.

    However, if you are local please come and collect the bundles from my home.

  • Please note I will be harvesting Mugwort for another 2 Full Moons and no more.  At present I have another 20 bundles air drying ready for sale at the end of July.  Another batch will be prepared for the end of August.  Once stock has been sold by the end of August, Mugwort will rest and be available again next year.

    Mugwort Blessings, xx