Flower Moon (SuperMoon) essence co-created on 07/05/2020.


Light of this Full Moon illuminates everything about our Soul and our Shadow - illuminating out into the world.  Time to show your true self.  Time to blossom from the depths of ones Soul.


Step into the moonlight; be brave show your light and dark sides; show people who you really are. 


As we send out our radiance we help others to develop their radiance too.


An essence to bring courage, empowerment, balance, radiance and to help you Flower.


'Allow all that is good and great within you to burst forth and flower for all to see'.

Flower Moon

  • Ingredients: 14% Brandy ABV, Chalice Well & White Spring water, energetic signature of the Flower Super Moon from 7th May 2020.

    Suggested Use - take 4-5 drops on the tongue, or added to water, once or twice per day for as long as required.

    Store in a cool place.


  • Postage and package for 1 - 2 bottles £4.45; more than 3 bottles £6 p&p.

    If buying 10 bottles or more, P&P free.

    Shipping to UK only; within 2-3 business days.