Californian Redwood


Co-created with the Summer Solstice and New Moon of 2020.


Elelments of Deep Grounding, Protection, Rebirth & Divine Masculine come through this essence.  A powerful ancestral essence connecting into the elder community of the Redwoods. 


Available as 30ml dosage

Californian Redwood

  • Ingredients: 14% Brandy ABV, Highland Spring water, energetic signature of Californian Redwood on Summer Solstice on 2020.

    Suggested Use - take 4-5 drops on the tongue, or added to water, once or twice per day for as long as required.

    Store in a cool place.


  • Postage and package for 1 - 2 bottles £4.45; more than 3 bottles £6 p&p.

    If buying 10 bottles or more, P&P free.

    Shipping to UK only; within 2-3 business days.