Forest Bathing/Therapy

There is a great need for us, humankind, to connect back with nature, to understand the cycles and the moments of magic that exist within the natural world around us.  Too long have we shut our eyes to the destruction we have caused and lost our fundamental belonging to the natural world on our very doorstep.

The Japanese art of Shinrin Yoku, or Forest Bathing, is a way of being, of allowing ourselves to deeply connect with the forest, allowing us to remember and connect deeply, and heal.

Spending time in the forest has been proven scientifically (as if we need the science bit!!), to help lower cortisol (stress hormone), lower blood pressure, increase immunity and increase our general sense of wellbeing.  Trees emit a chemical called phytoncides which give the 'aroma' of the trees.....BUT this chemical is produced to help plants and trees protect themselves from harmful insects and bacteria.......when we spend time in the forests we breathe in these phytoncides which in turn help our immune systems for several days after our trip to the forest.  As well as the phytoncides, the lush colours of the forest, the calmness and tranquility of the forest all play their part in bringing us back to nature.

Spending time learning Shinrin Yoku is easy, you just have to let your heart and allow yourself to 'be'.  Open the senses to welcome in the forest, and bathe in the forest environment.  Shinrin Yoku walks are not a hike, or trek from a to b....they are gentle, meandering, slow, with deep gratitude for the forest environment.  Come and join me and learn how to open your senses to breathe in the forest environment.  Sessions are individual or small groups, and held in the Blackdown Hills, Quantocks and/or Exmoor.  1-2-1 sessions are being run throughout lockdown - what better way to promote mental health and wellbeing!

"come and visit the forest with child-like awe and wonder"