Events 2021

Energy Medicine Masterclass

Monthly on New Moon -

7-9.30pm Zoom

Every New Moon I will be hosting an Energy Medicine Masterclass for all those interested in learning more.  This year will see the start of the teachings of the Navajo Medicine Wheel - each month we will go round the wheel learning the medicine and teachings at each point. Bringing in the medicine/wisdom of the directions deeply into our lives.  For more information please do get in touch.

Munay-Ki Going Deeper

Once per month 7-9pm


A 2 hour deepening session for all those students that have completed the full nine Munay-Ki rites and want to deepen their everyday practice with them.  A chance to go deeper within each rite and within yourself - helping to honour who you are becoming.  Get in touch if interested.

Environmental Lectures

1st day of month - 7-9pm Zoom

A chance for me to bring together my environmental expertise in a wide range of topics and help deliver these to you in a way that will educate, inform and enthuse - everyone from aged 12 to 90!  A 1.5 hour lecture on varying environmental topics with a 30min slot for a discussion/debate afterwards.  Bring the whole family in front of the computer and learn together (cost is per family).  Get in touch if interested.

Monthly Workshops 




Varied topics within Energy Medicine will be discussed through interactive Zoom workshops - running once per month.  Dates and topics will be advertised on the Home page under Zoom Sessions.

Forest Bathing Group Sessions

Bi-monthly starting April 2021

Come and join a small group in the forests of the Quantocks, or Exmoor and experience the tranquility and serenity of Forest Bathing.  These sessions are for a maximum of 5 people.  Details will be advertised on the Forest Bathing/Therapy site soon.

Bare-foot Walking

Monthly group starting April 2021

Come and join me in the tranquil forests of the Quantock Hills for some bare-foot walking.....a chance to really ground, to slow down and just 'be' in the forest.  Dates will be advertised in the Forest Bathing/Therapy site soon.