Ancient Wisdom Essences

Purple Flowers

I never started out to make fact it has been the plants and Spirit of Place that have called me in, taught me, ignited that passion and purpose to help co-create the essences that bring in the Ancient Wisdom of the plants, the land, our Ancestors.

Deepening my Shamanic knowledge of Plant Spirit Medicine and Spirit of Place over the years, has shown me just how powerful their wisdom is and how 'we' used to know and understand them, but 'we' no longer have our eyes open to this world.  

I hope the essences that have called to be created help reignite that connection, that ancient wisdom back into your life.  Allow the essences to help reawaken you, to help you see more clearly the ancient ways and medicine of the world around you.

All the essences co-created so far were made using the vibrational essence of the plant, moon, place, etc., to form the essences.

Rose Flower